Is 75hz Good for Gaming? (Explained)

If you are new to the world of gaming or even for a pro, with so many refresh rates and frame rates coming out these days, anybody can be confused.

So if you are wondering if 75Hz is good enough for the game to work smoothly, yes, it is. A 75Hz refresh rate provides a better experience than a 60Hz monitor. Also, 75Hz monitors are pretty budget-friendly, so it is a good option if you are unsure or plan to upgrade your Monitor. 

However, it works because the Monitor will play out in two frames, and one might show the previous one. This usually occurs when the graphics card tries to push the data.

While still scanning the last card, the motor gets overloaded, and hence there forms a distortion. 

What Is Refresh Rates

When you are playing a game or working on your computer, the computer refreshes many times in a second. This is done to display a new image on your screen. This refresh rate is also called Hz. The refresh rate must be high to provide a better quality image and processing. The jump from one frame to another gets much smoother. 

While playing games, a faster transition rate induces smoother gameplay. Therefore, it is essential for gamers to carefully choose the correct refresh rate while buying a monitor. Refresh rate also makes sure that there is no ghosting or screen tearing. 

Ghosting is when you move from one frame to another in a game, but the background lags and shows previous objects from the frame. This is due to the pixels not changing the shades fast enough. A 75Hz means that the Monitor will refresh 75 times in one second, which is a fast enough upgrade from the 60Hz version. 

Is 75Hz Good Enough for Gaming?

When gamers change from 60Hz to 75Hz, it increases the refresh rate by an extra 15 frames. You will experience the change immediately, and it will be noticed how much better it truly is. Also, this change will not be expensive, so there is no need to worry if you are on a budget. 

However, note that even though a monitor having 75Hz is a good choice if you are on a budget, it will still only work if your FPS count is less than 75. Otherwise, it will not work as well or not at all. 

75Hz will also provide you with a much better scrolling experience as per the 60Hz Monitor. The scrolling will work out much more smoothly for you, and you will like how much it changes your gaming experience. 75Hz also reduces the eye strain, so no more headaches and more extended gaming periods as well. It is a win-win situation. 

For hardcore gamers, though, it’s better to upgrade to the 144Hz Monitor, as the refresh rate is considerably higher, you will get a much smoother gaming experience. The 144Hz will provide you will the best balance and will also have less input lag than the 60Hz and 75Hz monitors. However, the 144Hz might be a bit more expensive, so that can be a problem, but it is the favorite of almost all PC gamers out there. 

Games That Runs Best On 75hz

All basic games will run smoothly on a 75Hz monitor. Games like Fortnite can function seamlessly on a 75Hz monitor. However, as per earlier, your FPS count needs to be less than or perfectly 75. Games like Warzone and Call of Duty also work considerably well on a 75Hz Monitor. 

However, if you want to play the games on a PS5 or Xbox Series X, then it might be better for you to upgrade to 120FPS or at least 100 Hz as that will make the games function a lot better. 


So you see, 75Hz works well enough for an essential gaming experience and on most well-known games. The FPS just needs to be a maximum of 75 for the work well competition.

Also, since the upgrade won’t be much of a problem in your pocket, it’s better to get the upgrade done. However, for a more professional gaming experience, you might want to consider opting for the 144Hz or even 120Hz. 

If you are thinking of buying a 75Hz monitor, here are some of our recommendations, like the LG UltraWide HDR10 Monitor with FreeSync, Hp 24mh FHD Monitor, and the IPS Business Computer Monitor.  


What is the difference between Refresh rate and Frame rate?

Most people confuse them to be the same, but they are entirely different things. The frame rate is in no way associated with the Monitor.

However, the frame rate is determined based on the software that is in use. The Frame rate is the frames per second and measured as FPS. 

The Refresh rate is directly associated with the Monitor or with the display hardware that is in use. This determines the number of times the Monitor can display an image per second.

How does a FreeSync Monitor work?

The FreeSync was first released in 2015 and is most similar to the G-sync. FreeSync uses synchronization technology that is used in liquid-crystal displays.

What the FreeSync Monitor does is, reduce the screen tearing and stuttering that is caused by the Monitor getting overloaded since it is not in sync with the content frame rate.

However, Legacy ports do not connect with FreeSync technology. 

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