Are Asus Computers Good?

If you are looking for a laptop or a desktop computer whether it’s in the market or online, there is a sufficient chance that you will catch an ASUS model right up.

The features that Asus provides with their computers at cheap costs make the deal appear appealing.

However, it is only normal to wonder if you can trust this relatively newer business.

As a consumer, you would have to conduct hours and hours of research, browsing buyer reviews, product comparisons, corporate knowledge statistics, assistance ratings, and so much more to make a reasonable selection.

In this article, we will let you know about the brand and whether they provide good computers or not. Meanwhile, you may also check out our article on are gaming laptops worth it and is asus a good brand?

Are Asus Computers Good?

Brief Introduction About Asus

It is a Taiwanese multinational firm that specializes in electronics, mobile phone hardware, and computing technologies.

Their annual income averaged 12.06 billion dollars in the year 2018, as per their financial report.

Their headquarters are based in Taipei’s Beitou District. Asus has successfully achieved the reputation of being a leading technology firm.

Asus runs on new ideas and the latest technology, and it ranks among the Top 10 IT firms in the world.

Are Asus Computers Good?

Are Asus Computers Good?

Yes, their computers are of excellent quality and they can compete with nearly any other well-known laptop manufacturer in the market.

The major thing that comes to our mind when we think of Asus is its outstanding build quality. This Taiwanese firm produces high-quality machinery with industry-leading durability.

They make use of high-quality materials and durable designs to limit the chance of damage from accidents.

As you may be aware, Xiaomi produces several rather capable smartphones for which they could easily charge significantly more if they used quality materials rather than focusing on offering performance at a lower cost.

As a result, certain computer firms, such as Asus, place a greater emphasis on performance rather than building quality or providing the most modern feature set.

This isn’t to say that Asus doesn’t make decent laptops or PCs that aren’t as expensive as some of the other high-end companies.

In the past, Asus’s central focus was on attending to users who did not have a lot of money to spend on an influential, premium gaming laptop but expected a strong gaming laptop at an adequate rate.

Apart from this, Asus also produces monitors, netbooks, mobile phones, and PC peripherals along with desktop computers, graphics cards, motherboards, mobile phones, and laptops.

Should You Trust Asus as a Brand?

If you are looking for a computer brand that has good features at an affordable price, then you can go for Asus. Asus, being one of the greatest computer brands, offers the best performance at the lowest price.

Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to distinguish apart in the intensely competitive industry as computing and hand-held gadgets are becoming more prevalent in the gadgets market.

Because of their expensive costs and low performance, many tech enthusiasts often avoid products from companies like Apple and Samsung.

Even though they guarantee endurance and quality, they demand a premium price for their superior quality products, which not everyone can afford.

In comparison to such companies, ASUS has a high market share. With ASUS, you can choose from a wide range of different models. You also have specifications to pick from to fit any budget that meets your needs.

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Some Asus Laptops Recommendations

ASUS laptops, such as the Zenbook Series, can be an excellent choice for you as a lover of luxury design and good quality.

The VivoBook Series provided by the company is very inexpensive and dependable.

Moreover, the ROG Series laptops have the best video capabilities and the fastest performance that is also smooth.

The Asus Zenbook Pro Duo, the ROG Strix SCAR III, ASUS VivoBook 15, etc are among the most popular versions of the company that are also loved by the consumers.


ASUS is a good firm that is dedicated to providing its clients with low-cost, and high-performance laptops.

The company sells dependable PCs and laptops at reasonable prices which most people can afford.

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