How To Charge Laptop Battery Externally

Laptops are amazing devices, light, easy to carry, and also chargeable. However, have you ever been in a situation where no charging port is available? 

It can happen to the best of us. You might have wondered if you could charge the laptop battery externally in this situation. Well, you can, but most of us are not experienced in charging the Laptop externally. However, there are quite a few options. 

Here we will look through some of them and see how they work. The option includes adapter hookup, USB, portable chargers, solar power charger, auto adapters, and more. 

How To Charge Laptop Battery Externally

You can always use an external battery charger. External battery chargers are freely available in the market, and all laptops can be used with these. 

However, if you buy one of the chargers from a third-party source, you need to make sure the charger fits and can be used with the type of Laptop you use. 

The charging connections of the two devices need to match for them to be compatible and also need to have the right amount of capacity. 

These are power banks in more straightforward terms and look almost the same as the power bank you would use for your phone but are more robust and heavier. These chargers can carry a lot of power, and it all depends on the one you want. Just charge the power bank, and later use it whenever you want. 

You can also charge a laptop externally through AC adapter Hookup. Your battery should have an ac adaptor connection already, and once you locate it, you can connect it straight to a charging port, and the ac adapter of the Laptop will ensure that the work is done. 

They contain a rectifier, a transformer and also a filter. The device converts the voltage into AC, which gets transferred to the outlet and a lower voltage suitable to be powered. 

The use of Portable Laptop chargers can externally charge laptops. They work great and also help maintain your computer battery power. However, you need to choose the applicable one to fit your laptop port as well. The charger you buy should have a variety of systems and be lightweight, which will offer the right kind of power output for the system. You can buy one of these online from various choices. 

USB is another way through which you would be able to charge your Laptop. All laptops have A and B type ports that make sure to transmit electricity, and you will also be able to connect devices into it like phones and pen drives. Port b is best to be used during USB charging. You can pull it in the port, and the Laptop will start charging. 

However, the easiest is using a Universal Power Adaptor. This is the most convenient and simple method to charge the laptop battery.

However, remember that the power adapter can be quite hazardous, so make sure you check beforehand if the adapter supports your Laptop. Even though it is easy to use, Universal Power Adapters are not compatible with all kinds of laptops, therefore be wary. The adaptors charge the battery pretty fast and are also cost-efficient, for that matter. 

You can also choose to charge using the Solar charging Kit. These are standard for loading devices, and you do not need the Laptop’s original charger for these to work. They have a fitted solar panel that does all the work. The kit also does not rely on any ample electricity supply, to speak. 

Connecting the Laptop with an auto adapter also works pretty well and is excellent for those traveling in vehicles most of the time. When the car starts running, your laptop battery will get charged automatically. 


So you see, Laptops can be charged externally in many different ways. Make sure that if you are buying any of the above appliances, they fit the model and the Laptop you have.

Most of these gadgets for external charging you can buy from online stores or any other computer store. These chargers will work pretty well as long as you use them right and make sure to maintain them.

However, you should sometimes still charge the battery through the cable charger. We recommend you use the Solar power charger since they are also environment friendly as well. 


Why do Laptops cost so much?

Laptops are manufactured using parts that are much more compact and tiny. The making of parts for Laptops cost quite a bit, and therefore assembly of all components is also a bit pricey. 

In general, the parts of a laptop are three times more costly to design, manufacture and make than desktops. And since laptops are travel-friendly, light and come with a lot of new updates, therefore the price rises.

What is the best way to charge a laptop battery externally?

The best way to charge a laptop battery externally is through the universal power adapter, which gets the work done so much faster. 

However, make sure your adapter fits the Laptop and only then start the charging. Other than this, the following best way to charge a laptop battery externally would be through Solar power or hand power chargers. 

They work well and can be used in remote areas. They are also nature friendly and therefore one of the best options.

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