4 Ways To Charge Your Laptop In A Car

Nowadays, you may not rely on your laptop as much as you once did due to the widespread availability of smartphones and tablets.

Nonetheless, there are still a few situations when it becomes necessary for you to charge your laptop while you are traveling on the road.

Moreover, with all of the new current technology, it is now possible to charge your laptop while driving.

Some cars, however, come equipped with wireless charging plates that may be used to charge high-capacity smartphones, iPads, and cameras.

Because you’ll require unique equipment to do your duty in conventional cars, you’ll need to understand how to charge a laptop in a car.

It is feasible to charge a laptop while driving, whether you need to finish a presentation on the way to work or simply want to watch your favorite Netflix movie or series on a road trip.

4 Unique Ways To Charge Your Laptop In A Car

1. Using a USB Charger

If you wish to charge your laptop while you are driving, then you can use a USB charger. As you drive, this can be the most effective means to charge your laptop.

Before you begin to drive, firstly you should make sure that you have loosened the USB cable. Forgoing further, you will require a USB charger that can compat with your car.

You can purchase it in any electronics store or order online through various sites. The best element about using a USB charger is that using it alongside driving is entirely safe.

Charging your laptop won’t take much time, particularly if you use a USB charger for it. Even if you aren’t using your laptop, you can leave it charging in the car during the day.

2. Using a Power Inverter

In most cases, a power inverter is a universal solution that will operate in any car and with any laptop. In addition, most power inverters are reasonably priced.

A type like the Betek 300 watt power inverter can suit the outlet of the car. It also shows two standard three-prong plugs along with two USB ports, so you can instantly connect your laptop’s power adapter. 

You will also have access to some of the USB ports so you can charge your additional mobile devices. However, there are significant drawbacks to using power inverters.

They can be big, for example, and less costly models don’t produce pure sine waves, which might damage delicate electronics.

3. Using a Car Laptop Charger

Another option for charging your laptop in a car is to utilize a laptop charger. You will have to just plug the laptop charger into the power jack on your laptop.

As you do that, you can begin charging it, just like a normal charger that arrived with your laptop.

You have to connect your laptop’s charger to the cigarette lighter socket that may be available in your car. As you connect the charger, then you can begin charging by putting the other end into the power jack on your laptop.

These laptop car chargers are reasonably priced, so you can purchase them in nearly any electronics store near you. You can also get them online from Amazon.

If your car charger has various connectors, then you should be sure that you use the one that suits your laptop’s power jack.

If you don’t do so or if you force it in, it may result in you unintentionally harming the charger or your laptop’s power port.

4. Using a Power Bank

You can also use a power bank with an enormous power supply for charging your laptop. However, before that, you should first confirm that your laptop is competent in getting charged from a power bank.

You can also charge your laptop in the car itself if you have a modern laptop with a USB-C or Thunderbolt charging port in it.

A Power Delivery (PD) power bank is all you will need to charge your laptop. Power Delivery power banks are capable of charging a laptop over a USB-C connector. 

However, if your laptop has a proprietary charging port, you won’t be able to use this method.

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Hereby it can be concluded that you may safely charge your laptop in your car without any problem.

There will be no problem related to overheating on your laptop if you charge it in a car with possible ways.

Moreover, there will also be no electrical problems which mean your laptop, charger, and car would not get ruined.

You just have to simply use the relevant adaptor, such as a laptop car charger, a vehicle inverter charger, a power bank, or a USB Type C laptop car charger to charge your laptop.

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