How To Find Serial Number Of Laptop?

Did you ever have a situation where you needed to remember or know the serial laptop of your Laptop?

Maybe it was while you were giving the Laptop for repair, giving it for cleaning, buying some parts, or even downloading a program.

You might need the Laptop serial number for a lot of reasons.

So now you must be wondering how to find the serial number. It is pretty easy, and you need to follow the following simple steps. 

How To Find Serial Number Of Laptop?

What Is the Serial Number Of the Laptop?

The serial number will look like an abstract jumble of numbers and letters.

However, this jumble is the unique number assigned to your Laptop. This number will never be the same for one or more than one person.

This number is always amazing for the Laptop. 

What manufacturers do is they put this number in the Laptop, and so this way it can be easily identified among the hundreds of other laptops being manufactured and assembled.

This number is also handy as you can use it to determine warranty remains and also claim insurance if needed under any circumstance. 

How To Find Serial Number Of Laptop?

1. How to Find the Serial Number Virtually?

Finding the serial number is very easy.

You need to type in a few commands, and it’s done. You will be able to see the serial number instantly. So what you will be required to do is go to the windows search bar.

Once you have reached the search bar, you need to type cmd into the bar. 

A command box will prop up after this.

When the box appears, you again need to type:

wmic bios get serialnumber

Make sure to double-check you are ordering the correct command.

How To Find Serial Number Of Laptop?
How To Find Serial Number Of Laptop?

After this, you need to press enter, and you are done for good. The serial number will now appear after the prompt is over. 

2. How To Find Serial Number Of Laptop Physically?

Suppose you are not too good with commands and all that you can also choose to find the serial number on the Laptop physically.

This is also very easy. Most of the laptops will have the serial number written behind a sticker of some sort. Make sure you first unplug the device from a power source. You can also choose to switch it off if you want. 

After this, you will need to flip your device upside down. There should be a sticker or a label stuck to the bottom of the Laptop.

If you find the sticker, the serial number will be on it. You would be able to make it out pretty clearly as there will be a written serial number, so something close to it. 

How To Find Serial Number Of Laptop?
How To Find Serial Number Of Laptop?

TIP: Some laptops might not have the label, in which case it is located in the battery compartment of the Laptop. These laptops will have removable batteries. 

3. Other Ways To Find Serial Number

There are also other ways you can choose to find out your Laptop serial number.

This is helpful if your Laptop is really old and the stickers have come off, or maybe the Laptop is not switching on.

The serial number will always be written in the documentation and paperwork that you got while buying the Laptop.

Usually, the serial number will be noted on the bills and mainly on the warranty cards. They might also be there in your old emails. 

However, you will need to search for it deeply in this case. So if you have an old laptop and have lost most of the documentation, you are in a dilemma.

No need to worry, you can go to the laptop service store, and they shall be able to tell you.

Even if they can use it once they contact the manufacturer and the old records come out, the serial number will surely be there. 

So Why Do You Need The Laptop Serial Number?

The most important reason you might need the laptop serial number is warranty or insurance claims. If you are going for these, you can be sure that they will ask for the serial number.

You should have it handy so that there are no problems later. Sometimes even if you take your Laptop for fixing it up, they will ask for the serial number. 

Also, if you think of selling the Laptop with proper documentation there, you will need the serial number.

So if you have just bought a new laptop, note the number down from the warrant card or the sticker now itself, otherwise, later, you might forget about it. 


Now that you know how to find out the serial number of your Laptop, you should note it down and save it somewhere for future use.

Make sure you keep the warranty cards and bills safe as well, in case the Laptop gets into some unfortunate circumstance.

Also, while you are noting down the laptop serial number, you can write it on your Laptop using a black unerasable marker. 

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

How can I locate the serial number for my HP laptop?

Check the Laptop’s underbelly or back corners first. Next, peek inside the battery compartment if you own a computer with a detachable battery.

Disconnect the slate from the port, which will expose the model number on a detachable desktop.

How do You locate the serial number for a Dell laptop?

Although you can retrieve the serial number using Windows instructions, you can also find it on a Dell laptop’s Service Tag.

On the bottom panel, you’ll find the Service Tag.

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