How to Make Fortnite Run Faster on Laptop

If you are into gaming or even new to the gaming world, you should have heard the name Fortnite. Fortnite is all the hype these days; from beginners to programmers, everyone is hung up on Fortnite.


Firstly, Fortnite is a spectacular game with world-class graphics and pretty good simulations. Gamers love Fortnite. Fortnite was first released on the Nintendo Switch in 2018. 

Fortnite is a survival game in which a hundred players fight to determine who is the last one standing and the winner. This is an action-packed game and pretty fast-paced. Strategic thinking is not required to survive in the Fortnite battleground, but you need skills, reflexes, and the will to win at any cost. 

Fortnite has an estimated 125 players. 

Tips to Make Fortnite Run Faster on Your Laptop

The first thing you will need to do is activate the Game Mode available in Windows. Since most of these games are compatible with Windows, the Microsoft Game Mode feature is relatively new.

They have designed it specifically to help you improve the gaming experience. Finding the game mode setting is easy: go to Search>Game Mode>Enable. 

What does this Game mode do? The game mode optimizes the Windows system and helps speed up the gaming performance. This feature will start working instantly to produce better results. 

Adjusting Game graphics also work well to increase the gaming speed. You need to adjust the in-game graphics since these games will try to run at a higher pixel per second shot by these default. If your system is a bit backdated, it will not keep up with the higher game graphics. 

It will be better if you try playing the game at lower graphics. This is not the best option as the gaming quality might be a bit affected. However, the game will start running much faster. Go to Video Tab> Graphics Settings> Lowest to change the game graphics. 

As per earlier, instead of changing the Game graphics if your laptop is outdated, it is better to update the Windows Drivers. 

Fortnite uses quite a few resources like the RAM and GPU. Therefore the laptop needs to be able to keep up with the game. So, when there is a program running in the background and the game, it causes quite a problem. Slows the laptop down. So it is better to end all the other tasks before you start playing the game. 

You can close the tasks by opening the task manager by pressing control+shift+esc and then closing the tasks. This will make sure to reduce the background traffic and improve the game’s speed. 

Because of the power provided to the various components of your laptop, different power settings offer varying gaming performance numbers. As a result, you might try altering the power settings in Windows to improve Fortnite’s performance. You can type Set a Power Plan into Windows Search and select either High Performance or Balanced, depending on the choices you’ve enabled.

Setting Fortnite to a higher priority also works to increase the speed. This makes sure the system gives preference to Fornite even when different background apps are running together. The laptop tries to close down on other apps while making sure the game runs perfectly. Suppose you are busy with some work and would just like to play for a few minutes and do not want to close your work. This is the best option. 

Make sure to go to the details tab present on the Task Manager and then click on Fortnite, and you will get the option to select priority, choose high. 

To make Fortnite run faster, you can consider improving your computer hardware. While laptops will merely allow you to replace the RAM, a desktop enables you to upgrade everything. As a result, you should begin with updating the GPU, then the CPU, and finally the RAM. Improving the hardware also speeds up the gaming experience. 


Now that you know how to increase the speed of Fortnite, you can adjust and see which of the above options best fit your laptop. It is better to try updating the Windows Drive first and changing in-game settings rather than laptop settings. This is because Laptop settings will change the way the other apps work and, in general, the Laptop functions. 


Can children play Fortnite?

Fortnite is rated T for teens, which means any person over 13 can play the game. However, many parents have complained and are concerned about how the game is survival and action-based.

Since the gameplay is harming the other players on the battlefield and killing them to win. It might be too much for some, so it is better if young teens do not play the game continuously for long periods.

How much space does downloading Fortnite take?

Fortnite, the PC version is around 26GB which is fine for a laptop game. It, however, might need some extra space to store the in-game installations.

Fortnite can also be played on android based mobile devices here, and the size varies from 1.56GB to 2.98GB.

Does Fortnite have In-game Purchases?

Yes, in-game purchases can be made in Fortnite. Users get the option of buying in-game add ons, which, however, need to be purchased using their in-game currency.

Fortnite uses V-Bucks, purchased using cash or other season’s gameplay tickets. However, these items do not affect your gameplay in any way and are more for a simple show effect. 

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