How to Clean Fingerprints off Laptop Screen

Dirt often accumulates on your laptop screen. After a while, you can see tiny specks of dirt on the screen when you open it.

Along with this, you can probably see fingerprints on the screen as well. We often touch the laptop’s screen to carry it, maybe its touchscreen or to nudge the screen back and forth. This results in dirt and fingerprints on the laptop screen. 

It is a good habit to clean the laptop screen now and then. However, it is not the best idea to clean your laptop screen using a bit of water or a wet napkin. Many types of soap and cleaners may also damage your laptop screen permanently. It is always better to clean using the right tools and follow a proper procedure for cleaning. 

How to Clean Fingerprints off Laptop Screen (Right Way)

Here we bring you some ways you could clean the fingerprints off your laptop screen:

Firstly you need to differentiate whether your laptop is a Non-LCD computer screen, which usually is glass-coated. Or if it is a LED Computer screen. 

For a non-LCD computer screen, start by turning off the device and make sure to unplug it before you begin the cleaning process. The black screen makes the dust and fingerprints show better on the screen, and you will see the dust being wiped off. Next, start removing the dust and prints by wiping the screen using a dry microfiber cloth. 

After you are done dusting off the dirt and fingerprints, use 70 percent isopropyl alcohol and spray a bit into a cloth or a wipe. However, it is better not to spray the cleaner directly on the LCD screen. Always remember to spray on a cloth and then start wiping the screen. Make sure you get into the nook and corners and wipe the glass surface with soft pressing. Do not rub too hard on the screen. 

Let the laptop screen air dry, and do not try to use a hairdryer or other such tools. You will see a clean screen after this. However, if some dust or fingerprints still remain, use can use your microfiber cloth to buff them away softly. 

If you find your laptop to have a LED computer screen, then you can use the following methods to clean your screen of dust and fingerprints. Make sure to turn the device off and unplug it before beginning the procedure. Then try to remove the dust using a dry wipe or, better, a microfiber cloth. 

Then take a cleaning spray and use it on the dry and dirt-free side of the microfibre cloth. If you do not have a spray handy, you can make a DIY cleaning solution using 1:1 part of vinegar and distilled water. Make sure you remember to use distilled water and not regular water. Wipe the screen to remove the dust and fingerprints when you are done.

However, a good tip is to make sure you avoid getting the saturation into the laptop’s edges. Give the screen time to air dry, and then use cloth again to remove any more of the residuals if they remain. 

Some More Tips:

  • It is better not to use water since water leaves streaks. 
  • Instead, you can use perfume or body spray if you do not have a cleaner handy. 
  • Be careful that you do not spray on the keyboard. 
  • Avoid using tissue or rough cloth that may scratch the screen. 
  • Wipe the screen from top to bottom. 
  • Make sure the residual cleaner entirely evaporates before switching on the laptop. 
  • Rub the cloth in a rotating motion.


Now that you know how to clean your laptop screen properly, it is better to do it at least once a week. Try to avoid touching the laptop screen with your bare hands as that will tend to soil the screen. Make sure that while cleaning, you use the right tools, and under no circumstance should you allow the cleaner to drip into the screen. 


What cleaner should you use for your laptop screen?

Some of the common cleaners you could use are 50% white vinegar mixed with 50% distilled water.

You could also use 50% distilled water and mix it with 50% isopropyl alcohol, or the third option, which includes 100% distilled water and some liquid detergent.

You can also choose to buy some kind of cleaner from your local Computer store. 

How to prevent fingerprints on a laptop?

To avoid fingerprints forming on your laptop screen, you can use a back cover protector, wallpaper, and also stickers that keep the backside of the laptop screen clean.

Fingerprints can also form on the laptop screen from using the keyboard and then touching the screen. Therefore make sure to clean the keyboards as well.

You can also use a keyboard protector, which helps avoid greasy keys. However, you might touch the screen and leave fingerprints even after this. Therefore, it is best to clean the laptop screen every few days. 

How to clean laptop webcam lenses?

The best way to clean the webcam lenses is using a blower or a lens brush. Utilizing the blower cleans all dust and residue.

You can also blow hot air on the screen, which will moisten the lens. Use a cloth afterward and very gently rub the screen.

Since webcam lenses are very prone to scratches and damage, it is better not to use the rubbing method if it can be avoided.

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