How To Measure Laptop Screen Size?

Do you need to measure laptop screen size?

Maybe it’s because you are buying a new one and want it to be the same size as this one.

Or perhaps you just want to buy a screen cover for your Laptop. Here we will discuss how you measure the screen size of your Laptop correctly and accurately as well. 

Let’s discuss the most popular screen sizes. Usually the screen will have some in one of these measures if measured diagonally, 10.1″, 11.6″, 12,1″, 13.5″, 14.0″, 15.6″, 16.0″, 17.3″. 

Screen Size Vs Laptop Size

The first screen size and laptop size are the same. It might be puzzling for you if you do not have an idea.

Many laptops will come with the size written, do not confuse it for the Laptop’s width. It is the screen size. The screen size and the width can vary. 

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How To Measure Screen Size?

Measuring your laptop screen size is pretty straightforward.

You just need to take a measuring tape and start counting from the bottom left corner of your Laptop and stretch it to the rightmost corner of the computer, diagonally.

This is the laptop size. You might find a bit of casing beside the laptop screen, which does not come into play while measuring the laptop size. 

The standard unit, which is used to measure the size of the Laptop, will usually be in inches; however, sometimes, they are even measured in centimeters. 

How To Measure Laptop Screen Size?
Various Screen Size Of Laptops

How To Measure Dimension Of Any Laptop?

Now that you have measured the laptop size, it might be helpful to even measure the other dimensions of the Laptop, like the width, height, and depth.

These dimensions will typically be measured in inches. 

Measuring the width is pretty easy. Just make sure to use your tape and place it horizontally from the end of your Laptop to another.

This will be your width. To measure the depth, take the tape and make sure you place it vertically from one end to the other after closing your Laptop.

This is the measure from top to bottom. To measure the height, make sure you close the Laptop and measure from the bottom of the Laptop to the top. 

Buying a Screen Cover or Laptop Case

After measuring your Laptop perfectly, you are free to buy a screen cover or maybe even a laptop bag.

However, while you are shopping for a laptop case, make sure you take the width measurement of the Laptop as the horizontal dimension, and while taking the height dimension, it corresponds to the depth measurement. 

How To Measure Laptop Screen Size?
Laptop Screen Guard

If you are getting a laptop bag, it’s better to get one that fits your laptop bag smugly; otherwise, if there is space left, the Laptop might not be adequately protected.

Make sure that while you are buying a laptop bag, it has these features, as the bag should always fit the Laptop smugly since it is not a good idea to have the Laptop moving about in the bag too much. 

Also, it is a great idea to get a padded laptop compartment in the bag as well. A bit of extra padding will absorb all, and any kind of sudden shock if you hit the bag against a wall or something.

Also, it is better if you travel in crowded buses or metro trains. Also, unfortunately, if you drop the bag under any circumstance, there won’t be a problem, and the bag will absorb all of the shocks. 

You can also buy laptop sleeves or carry cases. These are backpacks used for laptops as well. 

How you can Find the Laptop Size Without Measuring it?

If you are confident measuring your Laptop yourself or are afraid it might not be accurate, there are ways you can find out the laptop size by one of these ways. Knowing the model number of the Laptop always helps.

You could go to the site of your Laptop’s brand and choose to search there, or you could just search it on the net by typing the model number brand. 

When you bought the Laptop, it should have come with a manual.

However, if it has been a while since you bought the Laptop, then it can be a bit of a problem finding the manual as we tend to misplace it if it is not needed for a while.

The manual will have the laptop size written under specifications to check it, and it will be quite accurate. 

Some laptops also have the measurement written on the backside.

There are usually sticker places with all the measurements and other stuff written like model number and the version you are using, so that might be quite helpful.

Some laptops will also have a sticker with a code you can scan. You can find out all about your Laptop by scanning this. 

However, if they have come off in some case, you are in no luck, you can go to one of the service centers and ask them.

They will provide you with the right information as well. Or you could call one of the service centers or maybe on their toll-free number as well. They will also be able to help you as well.

Pro Tip: Make a note of the specifications down somewhere. Later if you do not remember what they were, you can just recheck it. 


Now you know how to measure the screen size of your Laptop, it’s time to buy the laptop case you have always thought about.

Also, make sure you take the proper measurement if you measure at home and always double-check to be sure. 

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