HP Laptop Keeps Disconnecting From Wifi

If you have an HP laptop or have used one previously, you will probably know that sometimes the HP laptops will keep on getting disconnected from the Wi-Fi.

This can be pretty annoying if you do some work or even watch a movie. However, there are ways you can get this fixed and would not have to throw away the Laptop.

However, make sure that you follow and steps and do not do something that will disrupt other functions of the Laptop.

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HP Laptop Keeps Disconnecting From Wifi (Solved)

So, here is how you fix the recurring problems. You need to follow all these troubleshoot one by one until your problem gets fixed.

1. Check LAN & Update Drivers

First, make sure that there are no problems with the Lan connection. If the problem persists and there is nothing wrong with the Lan, you need to follow these simple steps.

Go to the Device Manager and select the Wifi drivers under the network adapter. Here try to update all the network adaptors drivers one by one.

HP Laptop Keeps Disconnecting From Wifi
Device Manager

Once you are done with this, the problem should go away on its own, and the Wifi should connect.

You can go to settings and search for Wifi. Connect to your network and make sure to give the correct password as well. 

2. Try Airplane Mode

However, in one or two cases, the Wifi keeps on disconnecting even after following the above-given procedure. In this case, you try some of these options.

The majority of your HP laptops will have a wireless button, and you will notice an ochre light glowing in the wireless activity.

HP Laptop Keeps Disconnecting From Wifi
Airplane Mode In Windows

If it is glowing, you will need to enable the wireless adapter, which you can do by just clicking on the button. Usually, the key is either in the F10 or F12, in some cases, it is the airplane mode key. 

You need to see if the light turns blue or if the yellow light turns off. Once it is done, the wireless adapter is successfully turned on.

You can now try connecting to the Wifi again. It should work, but if the problem is still there, you can try another option as well. 

3. Try Troubleshooting

GO to the start or search option and search for troubleshooting. Once you click on troubleshooting, you will need to click on the network and the internet. Make sure to click on internet connections. 

If you want to, you can also visit the HP guided troubleshooter. They will help you with the problem and along the process as well. 

4. Updates Windows

However, make sure you update the Laptop if there are updates available. Most of the time, this will make you comfortable, and the Wifi connection issue will go away on its own.

You can update the drivers when a new version comes out. Mostly the laptops will come with them uploaded; still, you can install a new version if required.

You can do this by searching for browsers compatible with your computer and downloading them from the browser. 

HP Laptop Keeps Disconnecting From Wifi
Windows Update Panel

Make sure that you restart to computer to be sure if it’s working or not. Another problem which you might be having is internet issues.

Sometimes it is not the PC’s fault but of the internet provider itself. You can run an internet speed test to test if the fault is on the internet.

If you think that the problem is with the internet, you should try to monitor all the activity on other devices. And you will get an idea of what is causing the problem. 

5. Try Resetting Router

If none of these works out for you, you should try to access the Wifi settings.

Just go to router settings. You will need to work through the browser to get to the setting options, and then under the settings tab, you will see that it shows what kind of Wifi band you have to use.

Switch between the values to see which one works better for you. 


One of these methods should work out for you.

Make sure you follow the steps correctly and try them out. If none of these work or you are unsure what is wrong, you can always go to one of their service centers.

HP has a lot of service centers, and you can choose to visit one or maybe even mail your PC to them. The employees at the service center will tell you what’s wrong. 

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

What is causing the Wifi connection to be disrupted?

There can be a lot of reasons for which you have to keep facing this issue. The first thing is that you could have a missing driver, or the setting is not fixed.

If you do not select the connect automatically option, which connects to your Wifi for the first time, that can cause this type of problem.

However, you can choose to fix it by following the steps above.

Can you fix wireless drivers available on Windows?

You can fix this issue; however, you will need to download the driver manually.

You can choose to download them from the device manager option, which you can find from settings; You can also choose to use a third party driver fixing tool, which works just as great.

This will automatically detect the driver on the Laptop and fix the problem for you.

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