How To Improve Laptop Gaming Performance (Windows 10)

If you are an avid gamer or even a beginner, you probably want to enhance the gaming experience even more.

If you are gaming on the windows 10 version, there are ways by which you can Improve Laptop Gaming Performance in windows 10 for good. Here we have some methods and tips to optimize the gaming experience. 

Windows 10 works pretty great for OS gamers, and you can even try some native games, some even retro ones.

Windows 10 is also compatible with Xbox One streaming which is a great plus point. 

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How To Improve Laptop Gaming Performance (Windows 10)

How To Improve Laptop Gaming Performance (Windows 10)

1. Turn On Gaming Mode

The first thing you need to do is optimize the game mode available in Windows 10. This model is specifically designed to increase the gaming experience regardless of your game.

Switching on the game mode is already very easy. Start by pressing the Windows key + 1, or you can go to the leftmost corner and click on the windows symbol.

In both options, a search bar will come. You need to search for game mode. 

How To Improve Laptop Gaming Performance (Windows 10)
Gaming Mode In Windows 10

After you have done this, you will need to click on the game mode setting, which pops up, and you will need to turn on the game mode.

Once you have it, make sure that you go to the gaming option and select the game mode option. Slide the bar right or click on it, and the game mode will switch on. 

You do not need to worry about the frame rate as well. Windows has designed it so that when you switch on the game mode option, the laptop will by itself make sure that the resources are managed and other programs are also able to work correctly. 

2. Nagle’s Algorithm

This is another way that you get the best gaming experience you can. So you must be wondering what Nagle’s Algorithm is.

It is a programming algorithm that will bundle up all the data, which is good, but the internet connection will no longer be as smooth as before. So if you are switching this off, make sure that you do not need this option. 

Disabling Nagle’s Algorithm is pretty straightforward. You need to follow some of these simple steps one by one.

Make sure you click the Windows and the X key together. Next, you will get some options.

Make sure you select the Powershell option in windows and enter ipconfig.

Double-check to make sure that you are typing the right thing to avoid having any problems after this.  

You will need to look for the IP address after this. Once you have found it, note it down, and then you will have to edit the registry of windows.

How To Improve Laptop Gaming Performance (Windows 10)

Select the start option and make sure to type Regedit. After that, make sure you select yes and select the registry’s editor.

How To Improve Laptop Gaming Performance (Windows 10)
Open Registry Editor In Windows

You will need to copy-paste the link in the address bar. After this, the steps get a bit complicated, so make sure you follow the steps perfectly. 

You will now be able to see quite a collection of folders, and once you have made it out, you will need to search with your IP address.

How To Improve Laptop Gaming Performance (Windows 10)
Search For Your IP File.

You will see the correct file, once you have located it successfully, make sure to right-click on it and select new.

After that, you will need to name the file tcpackfrequency and then click on it. You are now almost done; make sure to choose new and get the dword file again.

How To Improve Laptop Gaming Performance (Windows 10)
Create new file.

You will need to name this TCP with no delay, then click on the parameters. Make sure that you set them to 1. 

You are now done, and you will see the gaming experience has increased a lot. 

Video To Disable Nagle’s algorithm

3. Disable Auto Updates

You can also choose to disable the auto-updates. Doing this is very easy. What the laptop does is it will start to update the system automatically and then start retracting.

All the progress is lost if it happens in the middle of your game. Therefore you do not want this to happen.

Please make sure you go to settings by selecting the Windows key and I. After that, you will need to go to update and security and then to windows update. 

Once you have reached windows update, have the hove is done, now search for a more advanced option and select o update options.

When this is done, you will be able to disable the restart of the device setting, and the next time, the system will ask first for your permission before restarting or updating the OS.

You will also need to use the pause update button to pause all kinds of updates and installations for the next seven days. 


Now you know how to increase the gaming experience on your laptop.

Make sure that you at least try some of these out, and soon you will find the one you are most comfortable with.

We surely hope you have a pleasant gaming ordeal, all the while having the best possible experience. 

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Why do Gaming laptops cost more than regular laptops?

Gaming laptops use a lot more power since the games need more prominent processors so that you can enjoy the game smoothly.

The manufacturing of parts for a gaming laptop costs a lot more than regular laptops.

Since the manufacturing cost is a lot more and the designs and processors also cost a lot more, the price of Gaming laptops shoots compared to regular old laptops.

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