How To Increase Laptop Battery Life?

If you have purchased a new laptop and want to know how to increase laptop battery life then you are on the right page.

We have all been in a situation when we have some important work, like a presentation or a conference, and there is no charge for the laptops.

Sometimes does it not feel like only your laptop. The charge gets over faster than for anyone else.

No matter how light a laptop is, it is still a hassle carrying the laptop in a bag and a charger, and on top of that, if you need to carry a battery bank, that isn’t very pleasant. 

Here we have some tips for you to increase your laptop’s battery life. But before that, we need to know another thing, why does the batter get over so fast. 

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How To Increase Laptop Battery Life?
How To Increase Laptop Battery Life?

Laptop Battery Draining too Fast

There are many reasons why your laptop battery might be draining too fast. The first one is that there are just too many programs running in the background.

This is the most common reason and, most of the time, the cause. Some apps are more prone to suck more charge and need.

Gaming can also reduce the charge drastically, one of the critical reasons gaming laptops need more charge than regular laptops. 

Sometimes changes in the system settings can also cause too much batter drainage. Running the system on high or full brightness also causes the charge to drain fast and is harmful to your eyes.

Sometimes online connections can also be the cause, and one reason that seems unlikely but happens the majority of the time is that firmware gets hacked or corrupted. This makes the laptop have frequent power failures. 

How To Fix Battery Drainage Problem

There are many ways to fix the problems of battery drainage. Here are some suggestions you can use to see which one works best for your laptop. 

1. Use Energy Saver Mode

The first and most common thing you can do is use the power saver mode. Using the power save mode will save you a lot of Battery, and it is easy.

You need to go to power options in your control panel, and you can change the power plan so that the laptop uses less Battery.

Click on the battery icon, and you will get a sliding bar that you can slide to the left, and the laptop will enter into battery-saving mode. 

Some apps help analyze your battery life. You can also check the health of your laptop battery by going to power options again and then to the power manager.

Once you reach here, you can use some apps like battery care, which will keep watch on how the laptop battery is faring. 

How To Increase Laptop Battery Life?
Energy Saver Mode In Windows

2. Turn Off Wireless Networks

Disabling devices also works primarily. Make sure you disconnect external devices like mice and speakers if you do not need them.

Bluetooth usually drains your laptop battery by quite a bit. Therefore make sure to switch them off when you are not using them.

Check out our article on how to turn Wifi on-off.

3. Reduce Brightness

Another thing you can try is to reduce the brightness. 

Too much brightness does drain the battery a lot and is also very bad for your eyes. Too little brightness will also cause strain, so make sure you don’t keep the brightness too low to save a bit of Battery.

Keep it at a medium level, and it should work. 

Another way that people unintentionally harm their Battery is by letting it get entirely over. Most modern laptops are fitted with lithium-ion batteries.

How To Increase Laptop Battery Life?

4. Don’t Drain Off the Battery Completely

If you allow the laptop to fully drain off the Battery, it is prone to get damaged, therefore, it’s better to charge while some percentage of the Battery is still left.

This way, your Battery will stay strong for a long time. 

You should always use the sleep mode or hibernate mode if you are not using the Battery. Make sure that you switch it to one of these modes if you are not working for a while.

This will ensure that the battery longevity is increased, and you do not have to worry about the Battery getting over too soon. 

5. Keep Your PC Cool

Another thing to try is to keep the computer cool. We are all familiar with how fast some laptops will heat up.

This is very harmful to the Battery and causes long-term problems. Make sure you keep a note of the laptop temperature when it’s been on for some time.

Also, do not keep the laptop directly under the sun as well. Usually, the laptop will heat up due to bad air circulation. Try using a cooling pad or even a desk with a gap so that the air can pass easily.

How To Increase Laptop Battery Life?
Core Temp Application To Check Laptop Temperature

6. Avoid Too Much Multitasking

If you are working on multiple problems, that might also cause a problem.

Working on too many apps or programs simultaneously drains the battery life of your laptop; therefore, it is better to only work on one or programs at a time max and close the ones you are not using. 

You can also try to remove the battery when the laptop is too close to a power source, as this will make sure that you do have good cycles of Battery.

Make sure you unplug the Battery and keep it as this is a healthy habit for your laptop battery. 

You can also choose to avoid screensavers as well. All they do is drain the Battery more; instead, put the laptop on hibernate or sleep mode and let the screen go dark, this way, you will save a lot more Battery. 

Just in case, if your battery is dead, or not charging then follow this guide to charging your laptop battery externally.


Now you know how to extend the life of your laptop battery, make sure you try these out, and they should work well.

Otherwise, you can consider changing the Battery or taking the laptop to a service center if the battery is draining too fast and you face other problems due to this. 

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