How to Increase Ram on a Laptop (Guide)

Are you thinking of increasing the RAM in your Laptop Well, we have steps for that.

RAM can generally be increased in two ways, buying new hardware and increasing the RAM in your Laptop, or you could free up the already used RAM in the Laptop and speed it up.

But before we go into improving the RAM in your Laptop, there are a few more things you should know about. 

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What is RAM?

Well, this is a pretty basic question, but if you are not a tech genius like most people, chances are you will get confused about what RAM is.

RAM is also known as Random Access Memory and is a type of storage.

RAM stores the data in your Laptop, and why it is helpful is because this data gets scanned by the RAM and can also be modified if required. RAM is a lot faster than its previous counterparts. 

How to Increase Ram on a Laptop (Guide)

What is RAM Used for?

RAM is the short-term memory of your Laptop.

So what it does is when you are on the Laptop, the operating system gets jump-started, and all the features like video, audio, and other software start getting printed into the memory of the Laptop.

However, when you are done and shut down the computer, the RAM will clear itself of the memory that got printed. But a copy of the applications will get saved to the Storage Drive. 

Why Ram Is Important?

Well, RAM is one of the essential things in your Laptop. Generally, all other programs use the RAM to run themselves.

That’s why the more RAM you have, the better, the smoother the function will be. The Laptop will copy the data from the program and store it in the RAM. 

All programs need RAM to work. Hence you might want to increase the RAM to run more programs more smoothly and steadily as well. 

How to Increase Ram on a Laptop (Guide)

Make sure you follow the tutorial step by step for the best possible outcome.

The first thing you need to do before you even think about whether you can or cannot increase the RAM on your Laptop is to see if the Laptop will support this.

To know if additional RAM can be adjusted well by your Laptop, you will need to run a simple program. 

You can run a Crucial System Scanner on the Laptop. Once you are done running it, it will tell you whether additional RAM can be supported.

You will also need to check if you gave RAM slots in your Laptop to increase the RAM. If your Laptop is comfortable with an extra bit of RAM, you will need to make sure that you know how much extra RAM you can put in.

Usually, up to 16GB works fine, however, for those high-end gaming laptops, it can be extended up to 32GB as well. 

You will need to open the back panel on your Laptop. So get a screwdriver and get to work.

However, remember to be gentle and do not try to pull open the board if it feels like it’s stuck

Make sure that the Laptop is turned off, and for safety reasons, it is better to remove the battery.

Also, make sure you have ground yourself not to face a problem. You will quickly find out the module designed for the RAM on the backside. 

You can now add the new RAM to your Laptop. However, note that you will need two modules to insert a new one, otherwise, get the previous one out and insert a module with more RAM.

Make sure to replace it with something higher, but only till the Laptop is comfortable to handle. 

Removing the RAM is easy, hold it on the sides and slightly pull it towards you. It will unhinge from the space.

How to Increase Ram on a Laptop (Guide)
New RAM For Laptop

Then you can take the new module and slowly push it in until it fits. Ensure the module is fully equipped before you screw the back panel on again. You can now enjoy your Laptop with more RAM. 

Just in case, if you want to use external RAM for your laptop then you can follow this guide on how to use external Ram for Laptop.

Other Ways to Increase RAM

You need not always get and install a new module to increase the RAM, and you can do it by freeing up some space by deleting unrequired material.

You can start by going to Task Manager and deleting the programs running in the background. This will clear up a bit of space for the more essential programs to work nicely.

If you have problems going to task manager, click on Ctrl, Alt, and Delete together, and you will find the required options. 

You can also try cleaning up the desktop and make sure that you close all of the Finder windows. Also, a cluttered desktop is sore on the eyes.

Therefore you can create files and arrange the icons in the. It will be easier to find and also a lot cleaner. However, make sure that you close all the windows you have no need for or are done working with. 

The best way to increase and the easiest would be to update the operating system.

If you have an old operating system, try updating it and updating the software along with it. A new version will optimize your computer, and you will benefit from the RAM.


These are a few ways you can increase the RAM.

However, only do it if you need to increase RAM; otherwise, it might cause problems for other programs and apps.

We sure hope you are now confident in expanding the RAM yourself. However, you can also choose to go to a laptop shop or a service center, which you will need to do for yourself. 

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