Why Are Laptops More Expensive Than Desktop?

If you have ever been to the computer store, probably you have seen those flashy-looking laptops. The ones these days bend backward, are touch screens, slimmer than they ever were, and come with all the cool new technological features.

Unlike desktops, laptops are fitted with a camera, and you no longer need to adjust that webcam like before. They are going to be more pricey. 

Laptops take a lot more work to manufacture since everything needs to be compact enough to fit in that tiny little space, unlike desktops.

Desktops are heavy to move around, not travel friendly, take too much space, and so the list goes on. 

Different Parts Cost Different:

In the case of a laptop and a desktop, many parts are the same or at least identical from the technical point of view. Both a laptop and a desktop have a motherboard.

From a tech point of view, the motherboard is like the brain of the device, from where every other controlled action takes place. 

But a laptop needs a much smaller motherboard than a desktop. Any tool, the more compact and small it is to create, the more precision it requires.

Therefore what happens is the cost of manufacturing increases quite a bit. And this is just the motherboard. 

Laptops need smaller footprints and also a refinement on the track layout. Since there are a lot of connections going on in the motherboard, the Laptop needs to have tiny clearances.

Since the motherboard is considerably small, you also need it to have shielding from heart and other damage. 

The Cpu on your desktop is vastly different from the one on your Laptop. The CPU in your Laptop is small and can not pull too much power.

Therefore it needs to be designed so that the CPU can function smoothly and well even on less power. Since your Laptop’s CPU is pretty small, it gets soldered into the motherboard. Therefore manufacturers need to create the mother keeping in mind the soldering. 

Another thing that vastly heightens the price is the graphics processor. This process is usually integrated into the CPU and soldered into the motherboard.

But such a compact graphics processor and soldering cost quite a lot to be accurately done. The Ram as well. The laptop rams use SODIMM, whereas you will find it using the DIMM on the desktop.

The ones in the Laptop cost more to the sheer amount of space they provide even though it is tiny. 

One of the essential things present on the Laptop and not on a desktop is a battery. As you might have seen, laptops are chargeable whereas desktops run on direct electricity.

Also, in the case of the Laptop, you can run it on the battery all the while plugging external devices into it. No way does the desktop even have something close to this option. Just having the battery increases the cost quite a bit. 

Also, the Laptop has its keyboard, mousepad, and monitor attached, whereas, on the desktop, it is different. The parts are externally linked and thus much simpler in design. Laptops remain light even while having all these built-in features. Whereas a desktop is produced with a uniform motherboard, it can also fit into other parts. 

In totality, a laptop is a lot more complex. Desktops are also pretty complex machines if you look at them, but laptops have evolved a long way.

Most laptop parts cost double to triple that of a desktop part. Therefore, the price will be high. However, laptops have better productivity, which is why it’s okay to spend a few bucks more on laptops. 


Laptops are preferable to desktops anyway. You could carry it around, travel with it, and sit wherever you want comfortably.

Also, most laptops these days are touchscreen, which is even better. Digital art can now be done quickly on laptops.

Laptops also come with various features, like storage battery power, and overall provide a good deal. Therefore, laptops win over desktops each day.

However, there is still a charm to desktops as well. Desktops are also easy to work on, and if you have one, you will probably still love using it. But still, these days, laptops win over desktops by a long margin. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do laptops overpower regular old desktops?

Absolutely yes, laptops are more compact, easier to use, and also well built to overpower regular old desktops.

Desktops cannot be moved and are heavy machines that need a constant power source to work.

Laptops are battery-operated and will work for a long time once charging is done. Laptops also come with various new technologies these days, and you can also get more upgraded models as per your wish.

More day laptops can be used for heavy work like gaming, which needs a lot of different access points and proper functions.

Overall, laptops are best if you need to do fast work and edge over desktops. 

How to keep your laptop screen clean?

Make sure to turn off your Laptop entirely and wipe it using a dry microfibre cloth. You will be able to see the dust particles this way.

Once you are done, take a cleaning solution and spray it on a cloth.

Do not spray it on the Laptop under any circumstance, and then gently wipe the screen. Make sure to let the screen air dry, and you are done with getting an immaculate screen.

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