MSI Laptop Bios Update: Step By Step Guide (2022)

MSI or Micro StarInternational is a computer hardware company based out of Taiwan.

They manufacture some of the greatest gaming laptops in the world.

If you are a pro gamer or even a beginner, you might have heard about their fast and durable gaming laptops.

MSI laptops are the best there are. However, If you want MSI laptop Bios Update due to some reasons, then it is very tricky. In this article, I am going to explain it. 

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MSI Laptop Bios Update: Step By Step Guide (2022)
MSI Laptop Bios Update: Step By Step Guide (2022)

What Is BIOS?

Bios is the abbreviated form of a Basic input-output system. This is a computer program used by the microprocessors fitted in your PC and starts the PC.

Bios also control and manage the data flow from the computer operating system and other devices attached to the PC. These include the hard disk, mouse, adapters, and so on. 

MSI Laptop Bios Update: Step By Step Guide (2022)
A Basic Look Of BIOS

What Is The Main Role Of The BIOS?

BIOS acts as a bridge between the OS and all the hardware that they require to run.

It is the bridge between the microprocessor and other device control settings, including the data flow. Now the next question on your mind will be how does BIOS work?

Bios are preprogrammed into most computers and are usually fitted on the motherboard. It can also be pre-installed if you would like it and can also be made more accessible by using a program you erase from the memory chip.

What BIOS does is, when you start the computer, BIOS makes sure that all the required attachments are connected and are working correctly. 

MSI Laptop Bios Update: Step By Step Guide (2022)

Loading BIOS on your Laptop is pretty straightforward as well.

You just need to make sure you follow all the steps one by one.

Updating BIOS on your MSI laptop will surely notice how much the hardware compatibility has improved, and you might also find some new features. 

Updating BIOS while your MSI system is working fine will disrupt the laptop functions. 

The first step in updating BIOS to MSI laptops is to prepare the tool. The USB flash you are using must be formatted to FAT32/NTFS.

You should also have the BIOS ROM file. Make you backup all data on the USB before formatting it since the whole thing will get erased.

After this, you can insert the USB drive and open My Computer. Here you will see the USB drive shows, click on it, and then you can select the format option. 

After you have done this, you can go to the official website of MSI and just search for the file. You can download the BIOS file once you find it.

MSI Laptop Bios Update: Step By Step Guide (2022)
Search Right BIOS for Your MSI Laptop

However, make sure you download the BIOS file that relates to your motherboard and not something else. Just type the name of the model and version of your Laptop, and you are set good enough. 

When you find the BIOS file, you just need to click the red arrow present there, and it will start downloading.

Make sure that after the download is done, you right-click and choose to extract all files. After you are done removing, note that you need to copy the folder in the root directory of the USB flash

MSI Laptop Bios Update: Step By Step Guide (2022)
Extract The BIOS Files.

Once this is done, you will need to update the BIOS. After you are done restarting your device, just press the delete button and make sure to enter the BIOS setting.

After this, you will need to choose the M flash option. After this, you just have to select yes, which will launch the flash mode for you. Make sure you choose the USB flash drive you made here and click on the BIOS file folder. 

MSI Laptop Bios Update: Step By Step Guide (2022)
Select the M flash option In BIOS

After this, you will just need to enter the BIOS file and make sure you choose the EB926IMS.B30 and select Yes after selecting this.

Make sure that you do not turn off the power which the BIOS file is loading and also do not take out the USB drive by any chance.

This will disrupt the whole loading process, and the BIOS file will not get updated either way. After you finish the process, you will see that the computer will restart on its own. 

When the computer is restarting, you need to click delete and again enter the setting menu of BIOS and make sure that you check the BIOS version as well. 

You can start using it freely now that you know how to update the BIOS file to your gaming PC. 

Video On MSI Laptop Bios Update: Step By Step Guide (2022)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Uploading BIOS on Your MSI Laptop:

All programs will have their pros and cons when you use them on your Laptop.

Updating your BIOS will make sure the Laptop is secure and safe; otherwise, your Laptop will become vulnerable and quite prone to exploitation.

Make sure that while you are downloading your BIOS version, it’s the actual thing and not a fake counterpart. 

When you update your Laptop with BIOS, you might even fix a problem you did not know you had earlier. Make sure to keep your BIOS updated to be more secure.

However, some feel it might be too much hassle without much benefit, and if your motherboard does not have a backup, it is more of a risk to install BIOS. 


When installing BIOS into your gaming PC, make sure that you install the correct version of it and do not download the wrong one as that will not load itself into your gaming PC.

Also, only choose to load BIOS software into your Laptop if you have some use for it. Otherwise, the update will slow down other working functions of the Laptop. 

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