How To Record Zoom Meeting On Laptop (Easy Way)

Zoom has become a much-used app these days. From company meetings and conferences to online classes, zoom is a must.

Zoom is the first app people started using for online video calling from the professional point of view to even with friends and family.

It is straightforward to use, which makes it a favorite for people. Even more minor children can open, do and attend online classes.

For older teachers or older workers in offices, it’s easy to get the hang of zoom. 

During the pandemic, many people were stuck at home, not able to go out and meet their families. For them, it is beneficial to converse through zoom, which is the same as a video call.

However, you might not know that you can record the calls on zoom. It is very beneficial if you need the classes recorded so that children can watch and revise them later.

It is also a great way to keep track of company meetings and whatnot.

For someone who is sick and not able to attend the call, even can rewatch the video later and get to know what was said and or done. 

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How To Record Zoom Meeting On Laptop (Easy Way)
How To Record Zoom Meeting On Laptop (Easy Way)

What Is Zoom? And How To Use it?

Zoom is a video calling app or program first developed on the 12th of October in 2011. However, it was not much famous at that time.

The popularity of the Zoom Meetings app skyrocketed when the pandemic hit. Zoom Video Communications developed the program.

The app can be downloaded on a computer or mobile as well. The program is available for Android, Windows, and IOS as well.

Zoom is primarily used for video calling, and their free plans allow up to 100 users for a 40-minute timespan. The premium plans can hold even more people and for a longer time without interruption.

How To Download Zoom

Users only need to download the app on either laptops or mobile phones from the play store or browser.

Once the app is installed, you need to create an account using your name, username, email, or telephone, and you are set.

You can both make a meeting or join a discussion. Meetings can be joined either by clicking on the link if it is a free meeting or using the link or ID and a password.

The person organizing the meeting or creating the forum can change the password according to his or her wish. 

How To Record Zoom Meeting On Laptop (Easy Way)
Zoom Meetings

How To Use Zoom?

Once you provide the ID and password on the link, depending on the settings, either you can join the meeting directly, or the organizer will get the notification that you are in the waiting room.

In which case he will allow you to join. In Zoom, you can also schedule meetings if you want for the future and give the link to the meeting beforehand.

However, if you have selected, the conference will only start when you enter; everyone will stay in the waiting room. 

Zoom provides many options so that you can conduct a video call efficiently.

Also, as long as you do not share the link, Id, and password or invite someone to join, Zoom won’t share your meeting details.

Even if you record the meeting, Zoom cannot share it publicly. Therefore Zoom is safe and encrypted as well. 

How To Record Zoom Meeting On Laptop (Easy Way)

Recording a call on Zoom is very easy. However, to record a Zoom call, you will need to be the organizer or host of the session.

However, if the host gives permission, other users can also record the meeting. Local recording can be done if you are using a free account.

This will allow you to record the entire duration of the session, and then the file will be converted to an mp4 file that you can download. You need to go to the Zoom portal and then to account settings to start the recording. 

Once you have reached account settings, you will get the option for account management. Make sure to click on that and look for the tab titled recording.

How To Record Zoom Meeting On Laptop (Easy Way)
Zoom Recording Settings

You will be unable to disable or enable this option. A verification box will also appear in which you need to verify the change.

You can also save the meeting chats as well along with the recording. Y

ou can also start recording while the Meetings are going on by clicking on the setting on the lower tab and then clicking on the record option. A red button will glow beside the participant’s name who is meeting. 

How To Record Zoom Meeting On Laptop (Easy Way)
Record Zoom Meetings

Illegal Recordings:

However, if you are not the host, the Zoom app will ask for your permission before it begins recording. Therefore you need to worry about someone recording the meeting without your knowledge.

Also, at any time, if you want, you can pause the meeting recording instead of stopping it and getting another video file.

The pause and stop buttons are there in the bottom left corner. If someone is recording the call without your permission, you can block the person by clicking on their name tag if participants list the selecting forbid. 

Record Zoom Meetings Through Third Party Applications:

You need not use Zoom to record the meeting. Suppose you are not getting permission to record the call or cannot switch on the option for recording.

You can install a screen recording program or use the inbuilt one. This will record your screen as long as you keep the zoom meeting on and record the audio If you set the settings like that.

If you are using zoom from the browser, you can also use an extension from the browser as a screen recorder. 

None of the other users will know that you are recording the meeting since the Zoom program is not being used to register.

These third-party apps will only record the display screen, not what is happening.

However, it might be illegal to record zoom meetings without the consent of others, so if you are using a screen recording app, be wary of the consequences. 


Now that you know how to record the zoom calls, you can register your classes for later use or even office meetings to brush up on what was being said.

It is better to record the calls from the Zoom app itself to get more excellent quality of the video and audio.

Also, it is safer to record the calls from Zoom than using some other method. If you cannot register, make sure to ask the host to permit you. 

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