How To Screenshot On MSI Laptop?

MSI laptops are regarded as some of the best gaming and productivity laptops available.

Knowing how to take screenshots on an MSI laptop is vital if you own an MSI laptop, whether you are a gamer who wants to screenshot his wonderful frags or a specialist who requires screenshots on important subjects.

The processors of an MSI laptop are linked with a graphics card from NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX and GeForce RTX series.

This card can handle all graphics-related data and it also provides you with an amazing level of graphics quality on your laptop.

MSI provides you with a broad range of various laptops, where each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Here in this article, we will help you with knowing how to take screenshots on an MSI laptop?

How To Screenshot On MSI Laptop?

If you own an MSI laptop, then you will be able to take screenshots using several techniques. Among these, the following two methods are widely used and are simple to follow too. Those two methods are-

  • Usage of the Print Screen Key for Taking Screenshots.
  • Usage of the Snipping Tool for Taking Screenshots.

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Usage of the Print Screen Key to Take Screenshots

In MSI laptops, this is perhaps the most prevalent technique of obtaining screenshots. This approach can be used to snap screenshots on practically any laptop on the market. To do so, you have to follow these below-mentioned steps-

1. Launch the App of Your Choice

To start with it, you have to open the application from which you want to take the screenshot. If at all possible, make sure the app is running in full-screen mode, as this method will snap a screenshot of your MSI laptop’s whole screen.

2. Press The Print Screen Key

Then you have to gaze at the top right corner of your keyboard to find the print screen key. The key might be inscribed as PRTSC rather than the print screen and it depends on the size of your keyboard.

Further, to capture the screen, you have to hold down the windows key and then print the screen key at the exact time. Your monitor will flicker and this indicates that a screenshot has been successfully taken.

3. Saving Screenshots

After you are done with taking screenshots, open Windows Explorer and navigate to the Pictures tab. You will be taken to the ‘Pictures’ folder, where you’ll discover a ‘Screenshots’ folder. You can find your screenshots in that specific folder if you go there.

Using the Snipping Tool to Take Screenshots-

This is the greatest approach for taking screenshots of specific sections of your laptop screen.

1. Opening the Snipping Tool

The very first step is to press the windows key or go to the search option in Windows. Then over there, you have to type snip or snipping tool, and hence, you will see a scissors icon. The application will launch after you click on it.

2. Navigate the Snipping Tool

On the snipping tool, there are numerous tabs and ribbons. Before you take a screenshot, you must make sure to first open a new tab.

As you do so, your mouse pointer will then transform into a rectangle shape. Click and hold the left mouse button, then drag your mouse around the screen to pick the area you wish to snap a screenshot of.

3. Keep and Save The Screenshot

After you have finished capturing the screenshot you wanted, then you have to go to the tabs and select that specific file.

It will bring up a drop-down menu from which you may choose the ‘save snip’ option and save your screenshot to wherever you choose on your laptop.

That’s all there is to it. These are the most effective methods for taking a screenshot on your MSI laptop.


Taking screenshots has become a common practice in the workplace and in everyday life.

MSI laptops are excellent computers for everyday use, and users are generally pleased with their performance.

Taking screenshots is an easy process if you follow the above-mentioned simple steps.

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