Have you recently purchased a brand new laptop, or maybe have thought about buying well. Before you start using your new laptop, it’s better to load it properly with antiviruses and safety apps and calibrate it properly beforehand.

Doing a few small things now will make sure the laptop runs nicely in the long run. It would be best to have the laptop function properly for a few years, at least before it starts slowing down. 

Before you buy a laptop, make sure to go through all the updated versions, technological updates, and if it will best fit your work.

Some users require laptops with more power and storage than others. It all depends on the kind of work you do in it.

For instance, gaming laptops will have more updated features and RAM. It depends on the laptop you buy. Meanwhile, Also check out our article on why laptops are more expensive than laptops.

Things to Do When You Get a New Laptop 

First of all, make sure to update the operating system. The first and most crucial step. For any laptop you buy, the chance is that it was manufactured a long time back, so make sure you start by updating the system if it needs to be done.

When you update the system, you get all the latest features, and you can also configure them as you proceed. 

1. Remove Useless Software

The next thing you need to do is remove all the bloatware. What is bloatware, you ask? Bloatware is the useless software loaded into your laptop.

There is no real-life use, and you will probably ignore them till the day the laptop no longer works. So why are they there? Bloatware comes loaded with the laptop. They are pre-installed into the laptop. 

They also take up the drive space and other resources available yet do not have any fruitful outcome by a long shot.

If you have bought a Windows laptop, you will most likely be bombarded with this bloatware software, however, they are not much of a scene on OS, Linux, and other such laptops. 

2. Install Good Antivirus

Now we all know how all kinds of viruses attack the system and slow it down. Viruses come in various forms but usually barge in unnoticed and downloaded apps and songs, sometimes movies off the net.

Viruses can also come from surfing multiple sites on the internet. And since these days we open all kinds of accounts on the net, from social media to bank accounts, it’s very important to have the proper kind of antivirus software. 

Make sure you review the antivirus software that comes with your laptop. Most of the laptops have some built-in antivirus software.

However, they might also need subscriptions monthly or annually to renew, therefore make sure to catch up with that. You can also load in other antiviruses and security tools along with chrome extensions. 

So you have just bought a new laptop, of course, you would want to use it as long as possible. Therefore you must save your laptop from theft.

Configuring the Anti-theft tools is very important in a new laptop, and the faster you do it, the better. You can either turn on the Find my device settings on most laptops or install various kinds of apps to do this kind of work. 

3. Optimize Settings For Battery Usage

The next important thing to do is to optimize the battery settings. These days you can carry slim laptops anywhere, they weigh next to nothing. So a change in the settings can make sure that you don’t need to charge too often and increase the charger’s battery life.

Make sure you start by dimming the brightness. Full brightness and also too much dim laptop screen will put a strain on your eyes. 

Also, some apps take in more energy than their substitutes, therefore, try a few and turn on the screen saver option to make sure the laptop sleeps if not being used for too long. 

4. Enable Sync

Laptops are notorious as they suddenly stop working one day. Laptops tend to get slow and then do not work efficiently.

Therefore it’s very important to have a proper backup plan if things go south. Make sure you backup your laptop to the cloud or other channels depending on the software type. 

The chances are that you won’t be working on your laptop all day sometimes. You might be on a tablet or phone.

So make sure you sync the laptop to the cloud and sync other devices to the cloud. This way, you can start working from where you stopped and will not need to transfer files and work now and then to stay updated. 

5. Customize According To Yourself

Now comes one of the more fun things to do, customize. It is a new laptop, make sure to put up a nice wallpaper, change the color theme a few times to see what you like.

You can also customize the taskbar and other minor changes to make the laptop seem much more personalized and reflect you. 

And the last thing, now you can install all your favorite apps. Make sure, however, to install them from the system store or the right site since you don’t want viruses also coming in with them.

And start using a VPN. A VPN or a virtual private network makes your network connection encrypted. This means you can access region-blocked content and other such stuff, and no one will be able to trace it back to you. 


Now that you know how to step up a new laptop, make sure you follow all the steps, and even if it gets boring, get the work done at first. After this, the laptop will function pretty and adequately smooth for a long time.