How To Turn WiFi On Dell Laptop (Explained)

If you have bought a new Dell laptop, you might need to know how to turn wifi on dell laptop. Turning on the wifi is pretty easy.

However, you will need to know these simple basic steps before you are on the way to turning your Laptop on and begin surfing the net. 

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How To Turn WiFi On Dell Laptop

Enabling the wifi depends on the Windows you have, whether 10, 7, or 8. Allowing the wifi on Windows 8 and Windows 7 is pretty basic.

Windows 7 & 8 Guide

1. Open the Control Panel and then go to the Network and Internet. Here you will find the Network and Sharing Centre.

How To Turn WiFi On Dell Laptop (Explained)
Control Panel

2. Once you are able to locate it, make sure you change the Adapter setting. Once you are done locating it, make sure you right-click on the Wireless and Network Connection option. 

After this, you just need to click Enable, and you are done. You can now enjoy the wifi on your Dell Laptop.

However, if you have Windows 8, you just need to turn the Wireless devices on your Laptop and then turn on the wifi and make sure you remember to turn off the Airplane mode as well. 

For Windows 10

For Windows 10, the steps are a bit more different, make sure to select the Windows Action Center icon.

This icon is present in the lower right corner of the system tray. Or you can choose the Network icon, which is present in the Windows task tray.

How To Turn WiFi On Dell Laptop (Explained)

However, you might not find the icon since it might look different. If you are not able to see it, you can choose to select it by selecting the Show hidden icons. 

After this, you need to select Network and then wifi. The icon will then be highlighted.

You can also choose to have the wifi on automatically for a few hours or a day. When selecting the wifi network, make sure you join and enter the password. After this, it will show connected, and you start using the internet.  

Now that you know how to turn on the wifi, you will also need to know to Disable it.

When you are done and want to turn off the wifi, make sure to open the networks, select the WIFI, and disable it. The icon, once it is done, will be grayed out. 

You can also choose to own the wifi by using the FN+F2. You will also see the wireless icon on the F2 key if this option is available for you.

You will also see a wireless icon on the F2 key, so you can choose the icon on the PC if this option is there. 

You will also see that your Dell laptop will have a physical wireless icon light which will be near the indicator light. It turns on whenever you choose the enabled wifi, and it will also turn off when it gets disabled.

This Network icon appears in the Windows system tray, and if you disable it, you will see an O and an X symbol. If you turn on airplane mode, you will see an airplane mode symbol. 

What to do if Your Dell laptop Does Not Connect to Wifi?

Sometimes you might see that your Laptop is not connected to the wifi. If it is not binding, you choose the Network Adapters, which you can use to update the drivers.

After this, you can use the wifi. Even after this, if it does not work, you can choose to troubleshoot or restart the Laptop.

Even after this, if it does not work, take the Laptop to a Lenovo service center, which will get the job done correctly. 


So, hope this article will help you to turn wifi on dell laptop. However, it is a good idea to try it a few times. Also, make sure you do forget the wifi password.

And also, you can make sure that you remember to turn on the option to automatically connect.

This will ensure that the next time you turn on the wifi, it will automatically connect to the Network. 

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

How can I tell how strong my wifi connection is on a Dell laptop?

If you want to know how strong the network connection is, you can go to Network and Sharing Centre.

Make sure you select the wifi Network you are using, and you will see a Signal quality and several bars there. Usually, there are four bars, and the more you will have is better.

How to Turn on Wireless on a Dell Latitude Laptop?

You can turn on the Wireless on a Dell Latitude Laptop by sliding your hand on the right side.

After it is done, you will feel a switch midway. This button turns on the wireless function button.

You can Push the Switch to turn it on. Or you can also use the FN and the F2 keys on your Laptop by pressing them simultaneously.

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