What To Do With Old Laptops (That Still Works)

We have all seen two or three old laptops lying around the house at one point. Maybe you were cleaning the house, and you found them.

No matter what, now you will think about what should you do with the laptops. Throwing them away is like a decision you should never take since they still have much value left to them.

Sometimes the laptops are not even totally damaged, some parts are still working correctly. Throwing away old laptops is the worst decision.

So what else comes to your mind? Of course, you can sell them, but you also need to find a seller, and even if you exchange them, that too depends on whether they will take them for exchange.

Therefore, we come up with some ideas and ways to get value from your laptops. 

What To Do With Old Laptops (That Still Works)

1. Reuse or Repurpose

The first thing you can do is repurpose them. Yes, sometimes, your old laptop might even work fine for work that does not need much power.

You can also choose to add more ram if required or even a hard disk. But after a few fixtures here and there, it will work just fine.

So make sure you try to see if the laptop is still working well before throwing it out. 

2. Gift It To Needy Person

You can offer the laptop to someone when they come to stay with you.

There is no need to see movies on one laptop, they can enjoy their time, and you can have your privacy. And using your laptops sometimes makes sure that they don’t fully break down as well. 

If you are not budgeted to buy a television, you can always use your old laptops to watch Netflix and Disney.

You can also mirror the screen from your phone to your computer. Laptops can also be connected to the cable using an HDMI cable if you want. 

If you need some extra space, you can use the old laptop to hold on to information for you.

3. Use It For NAS

Instead of spending money and buying a hard drive, your computer can be turned into a DIY laptop using NAS software, which works quite well. Downloading NAS software is also pretty easy. 

What is NAS, you ask? NAS or Network Added Storage is designed to hold on to backup and media files.

You can download the software online from NAS sites on the web, and once you finish installing the NAS software, you are set.

Installing the software is also pretty easy, and there are a lot of online guides available to help you with it. 

Or, If you won’t have enough budget then consider upgrading it. Check out our article on upgrading laptop processors and how to clean laptops properly.

4. Convert It To A Server

If you are a gamer or would like to try a bit of gaming, you can transform your old laptop into a Minecraft server.

Yes, who would have thought that you could do this?

But old laptops can handle you playing the game since the game is not hardware intensive. To play all that you want. 

Not many people are familiar with this, but you can also turn your laptop into Kodi or Plex servers. Using these, you can watch many live TVs and access all kinds of audio and video files, therefore, it’s a win-win situation.

You can choose to download both and see which one your like and are more comfortable with, however, plex has a paid membership scheme for more features. So if you are on a budget, then a Kodi server is the best for you. 

5. Use It To Play Retro Games

If you have spent your childhood playing games, then you are in luck and in for some nostalgia as well. These old laptops can accept the retro round.

Since they don’t need too much power like modern games, you can easily play them on an old laptop. You will not have any problem playing these games.

If you want the gaming experience to be even smoother, you can choose to create your gaming console well. 

It’s easy, and you need to go to the web and download the software that best suits you for a seamless and effortless gaming experience.

After downloading, once it is installed, you can immediately start playing. It is not too complicated per see. 

6. Donate It

You can also donate your old laptops. Many college students who are already in debt will have college loans, and everything will surely appreciate you donating an old notebook for them.

You can also choose to donate them to other centers like schools and libraries. If you search a bit, there are many ways you can donate old laptops to people in need.

However, since you are presenting it, you should wipe off all the previous data and donate it afresh. 

7. Resell Or Exchange

The most common option is always selling it. You can sell your old laptop for a bit of cash on online sites or maybe exchange it for a new laptop or some other stuff you need.

Buyback services are great for selling old laptops, and you will appreciate the price they give you for it. However, do not expect too much since it’s an old laptop after all. 

Laptops are made of metals, so do not discard them here and there. If you are throwing it away, make sure you properly recycle it.

Otherwise, electronic waste can become toxic, and you surely won’t like it. You can also dismantle the laptop and sell parts individually but make sure you don’t destroy them. 


Now you know that old laptops are not the end of the world and you can reuse them in many different ways.

Make sure you recycle them if you dispose of them; otherwise, we encourage you to donate them to local services.

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